15 Things You Should Never Tolerate

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao-tzu

Is there something in your life you need to fix but you tolerate it because it seems too overwhelming or difficult?

Testy Truck

Recently my truck starting running poorly. It sputtered a little on take-off and occasionally going up hills. Then one night it almost died on the way to the airport. Every time I drove it, I would try to guess the cause. Then I’d tell myself I’d take a look under the hood the next chance I had.

But it seemed like I’d always get to my destination then forget about it until the next time I drove it. Then I’d tell myself again I was going to check it the next time I stopped. This went on for weeks.

When I had the desire to check it, the timing was inconvenient. And when the timing was convenient, I just didn’t have the desire. So I tolerated the problem.

As the problem persisted, I imagined the cause was something major. Thoughts of repair bills and replacement costs danced in my head like evil gremlins from a automotive nightmare.

Then one day the stars aligned properly. I had both the time and the desire to take a look under the hood. Remember, the first rule of fixing anything, is to open it up and see if anything is obviously wrong. So I did.

Diagnosing the dilemma

Three things make most motors run:

  • Fuel
  • Air
  • Spark

So I checked each.

Fuel line leaking? No.

Any fuel smells?  No.

Spark plug wires connected? Yes.

Are there other loose wires ? No.

Is the air filter open or clogged? No

Is there a break in the vacuum? Wait, um, what’s this?

The fix

There before me was the dangling delinquent of my truck’s dysfunction. A vacuum hose, probably loosened during the recent tune-up,  was allowing unregulated airflow into the system.

So for weeks I had tolerated a poorly running truck for want of a two minute inspection and a reconnected vacuum hose.

I reconnected the hose, restarted the truck and it ran like new.

All that time I tolerated a bad situation becuase I assumed the repair would be too lengthy and/or costly.

Which made me think.

What else am I postponing, ignoring or tolerating in my life because I assume it’s too difficult or costly to fix? Click to tweet this

Below is a list of 15 things I suggest we should never tolerate:

  1. A job that sucks.
  2. A life out of balance.
  3. Excessive commuting.
  4. Unhealthy living.
  5. Poor listening skills.
  6. Always taking, never giving.
  7. Draining relationships.
  8. Lack of planning.
  9. Cluttered living.
  10. Negative people.
  11. Too much stuff.
  12. Excessive or wasteful spending.
  13. Not being true to yourself and others.
  14. Not having any fun…ever.
  15. Refusing to change.

What are you tolerating that you should fix? How can you help someone else realize something they need to stop tolerating? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.


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