How to Improve Your Relationships with Little or No Effort

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Image: Two dogs

My dogs stink.

For those of you that don’t know, I have two pit bulls. Yes, they’re a controversial breed. Yes, I believe they have a bad rap. Yes, they have proven themselves to be great companions. Enough said about that.

My dogs don’t choose to stink, they just do. No matter how much we bathe them, they stink shortly after. It’s not an awful smell, just noticeable and persistent. Maybe I’ll write a post about dog cologne one day.

I have to accept my pets malodorous mustiness or avoid them. Because I like being around them, most of the time, I tolerate the smell. I overlook it because they have other qualities that I value, like: companionship, comfort, stress reduction, security, loyalty, and an appreciation of exercise.

People stink

Most people stink too. I’m not talking about body odor or bad breath, though that’s sometimes the case.

Each of us has a habit or behavior that makes us stinky. Our friends and family all stink in some way. But if we’re smart, we choose to value the desirable qualities of our spouse, child, friend or colleague more than the one or two stinky ones.

Every day we decide what we will focus on in our relationships. Will we focus on what stinks, or on what’s good?  <Click to tweet this

Learn to hold your nose

Today, why not overlook the smelly quality of your friend or family member. Learn to hold your nose and focus on the parts about them that smell good, like their honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, enthusiasm, or compassion. Then tell them about it.

Most people have heard enough about what makes them stink. Be the person that tells them about their characteristics that smell good. You’ll feel better and so will they. You might even save your marriage or friendship.

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