Look Back the View is Behind You

I have a tendency to really focus on destinations. As a result I often miss meaningful moments along the way. Recently I was tent camping in Rocky Mountain National Forest (what an amazingly beautiful place) and had the opportunity to hike in some of the most beautiful mountains in North America.

I set out early one morning intent on watching the sun rise over the mountains in the east. As I was hiking the trail up, I realized that I was staring intently up the hill. So intent was I on my destination that I was not enjoying the trip up. Got to get to the top, got to get to the top, got to get to the top. I had to intentionally stop myself and turn around to check out what was happening behind. It was a willful decision.

But once I did, I realized what I was missing. All along the way there were great moments to pause and enjoy the view behind me. We need to always take moments to pause and look back at the view behind us. Often we focus so much on where we are going that we ignore where we have been.

Reasons to pause:

1) Reflect on where you came from – you may not be where you want to be, but you aren’t where you were

2) Get your bearings – make sure you are still heading in the right direction

3) Assess your progress – see how far you have come

4) Enjoy your achievements

5) Learn from your mistakes (don’t dwell, just learn)

6) Take a breather and refresh

Never lose your dream. If you lose your dream, you lose your hope.

If you lose your hope, you lose your faith.

Always dream.

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