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[Note: This post is part of a series that I will refer to as MFL Success Stories. They are added to provide inspiration for giving and help define what Mediocrity-Free Living looks like in practice.They are NOT intended to make me look like a great giver. I’m just like you, sometimes I give and some times I don’t.
As I receive your submissions, these will focus on stories submitted by the MFL Community.]

We all have unique gifts and talents. When looking for low-cost, no-cost things to share each day these are a great place to start.

One of my gifts is watermelon thumpin’. What that means is I can thump a watermelon with my finger and tell whether it’s ripe.

For the uninitiated, the technique requires thumping the side of the melon and listening for a deep thud. The deeper the thud, the more ripe the melon.

I grew up in Texas and the ability to choose a sweet, juicy melon can make you pretty popular at backyard barbecues. No one wants to be the guy (or girl) that shows up with a green, tasteless melon.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was thumping melons at my local grocer when I sensed someone watching me.  I was bent over the large box of melons,  so I turned my head to the left to see what appeared to be an Indian woman dressed in traditional attire watching me with curiosity.

“Can you help me pick a ripe watermelon?” she asked, with a thick accent.  “I tried to pick one this morning and it was no good. So now I am back.”

My melon-thumping pride swelled as I replied with a smile, “Of course!”

A few thumps later and I handed her a sure-winner.

Then she asked, “Could you pick me another?”

“Certainly,” I replied.

A couple of thumps later I handed her another and she was one her way looking quite pleased.

I can only hope the melons I choose for her were sweet.

I know the one I took home was all the sweeter because I was able to do something small to help someone else succeed that day.


Do you have a story about something big or small you did to help someone else succeed?
Share it here and I may include it in an future MFL Success Story.
Or if you prefer, just drop it in the comments below.
I just love to hear from you.


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