MFL Success Story #4 – Texas-size That Tip, Please!

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[Note: This post is part of a series that I will refer to as MFL Success Stories. They are added to provide inspiration for giving and help define what Mediocrity-Free Living looks like in practice. This story was submitted by a friend in the Mediocrity-Free Community.]

A couple of nights ago, Steve and Barbara, our very good friends, went to supper with us.

Like all good Texans, we always compete to see who is going to pay the bill.

As our friends are very successful entrepreneurs, who enjoy doing favors for others, I must plan ahead to “get the ticket”.

When the waitress came to the table, she asked Steve, “You get the ticket?”  Before he could reply, I stated forcefully, “He’s not going to buy my supper!”

The waitress then asked, “Split it 50/50?”  To which I jokingly replied, “Well, that depends on how much he’s going to eat.”  We were all joking and proceeded to order our meals.

As we were finishing, the waitress stopped to tell us our tab had been paid by the people seated next to us.

We tried to recall who they were.

We even asked the waitress to check the credit card ticket.  It didn’t show the name of the person but the waitress advised us, that while our benefactor paid the tab, he had not left a tip.

We continued to rack our brains about who would be so generous to no avail.

When we left, there was a $15 tip on the table (for a tab of $30).

Somehow, when good things happen to you…you kinda want to pass along that kindness.

Submitted by Vic from Albuquerque, NM


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