One Remarkably Simple Way to Guarantee Success at Everything

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Ever try to do something good and it blew up in your face?

This morning my wife woke me on her way out the door to the gym. She likes to get in a workout before heading to work.

As I sleepily staggered into the kitchen, I noticed she had forgotten her cell phone on the kitchen table. So I called the gym and asked the receptionist to tell her she had left her phone at home.

As I hung up, I decided I would surprise her, go by the gym, and leave her phone in the front seat of her car when I took our daughter to school.

I quickly confirmed with my daughter she could be ready a few minutes early, yes I have learned a couple things about teenage girls, then I set the plan in motion.

My daughter and I  agreed to leave ten minutes early allowing us plently of time to drop off the phone and still get her to school on time.

We were making good time as we pulled into the gym parking lot at 7:20. My wife never leaves before 7:30, so we could drop off the phone and be on our way to school. I was thinking how pleased and surprised she would be.

Then it happened.

My daughter’s cellphone rang. She answered and I could tell it was my wife.

“We were going to bring it to you,” my daughter said, obviously referring to the phone. “Oh, OK.”

“What did she say?” I asked.

She explained that my wife had left the gym early to return home and get the phone that was now resting comfortably in the console of my truck.

I had my daughter call our house and suggest that we meet my wife at the post office as we backtracked to school. But she already had other plans.


I was so disappointed.

So now the cellphone is laying on my desk and my wife had to go to work without it.

But there is a more important lesson to be learned here.

How to succeed at anything you do in life.

The key to success in life is never quit. 

If I were easily discouraged, I might decide that this giving stuff isn’t worth it. “I’ll take care of myself and she can take care of herself,” I’d say.

But no one wins if I do that.

Every day we’re presented with opportunities to quit. But if we want to experience success at anything, we can never give up.

What if every Major League Baseball player gave up after their first strike out? I doubt it would be America’s favorite pastime.

Mike Ditka once said, “You’re never a loser until you quit trying.”

Whatever you do in life, don’t give up, never quit. Click to tweet this.

Is there something in your life that you’ve considered quitting? What can you do to help yourself or someone else not quit today?


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