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  • What happened, where were you when it happened, and who was involved (general descriptions, no names please)?
  • Describe the event in some detail (50-100 words).
  • How does it relate to giving or one of the Mediocrity-Free Mandates?
  • What resulted from the event?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Is there anything in particular that you would like us or the community to comment on?

Basic privacy guidelines:

  • Do not refer by name to actual people or places or include details that will allow a reader to infer either.
  • We want these discussions to focus on the giving, rather than specific people and places.
  • Please share stories that you think could encourage and inspire people to continue their journey of daily giving.

Don’t be afraid to share stories about times when you missed an opportunity. We all make mistakes and I believe failed attempts can make us want to do better the next time.