Site Update: July 2012

by Robert Rizzo | Twitter, Facebook,

I want to take a couple of minutes and formally announce a relaunch of While I know the number of readers of this blog may be small at this time, I want to be able to look back and remember when I made this decision.

This month, I’ve been busy transforming the site from a general inspiration and leadership site to Mediocrity-Free Living. I’ve been working on the MFL concept for years (at least 4) and I’m finally ready to do something with it because it’s constantly on my mind. So I’ve put this revised design online for a small group of beta readers before I reach out in August. I’ve pre-written much content, because I needed to really define where I want to go with this blog and I know I’m going to be more busy at times.

Until now,, has been something of a “sandbox” for me. I’ve also played with other blogs, mostly to learn the mechanics of blogging. However, in the last 3 months I’ve realized that I need to be more intentional with this project for several reasons:

  1. Mediocrity-Free Living is something that I am most passionate about because it helped me regain my passion and purpose.
  2. Mediocrity-Free Living can help people everywhere regain passion and purpose.
  3. I want to leave a legacy for my family.

Over the next several weeks and months, I will be revising the content on this site to discuss Mediocrity-Free Living: The Art of Cheerful Giving.
The 10 topics will focus on the Mediocrity-Free Mandates:

  1. Listen
  2. Learn Something
  3. Leave a Place Better
  4. Be Thankful
  5. Be Balanced
  6. Be a Giver
  7. Always Smile
  8. Always Forgive
  9. Always Take Responsibility
  10. Never Quit

I’m grateful to everyone who has encouraged me through my career. Many of you have helped me develop a passion for this project.
What’s Coming Next
My goal to continue to post at least twice a week. But I’ll probably add content more frequently in the beginning. I’ll  also be removing and editing old content so it aligns better with the direction of the new site.

Please Participate
You can participate in the development of this project in several ways:

  1. Leave a comment at the bottom of any post. I haven’t actively promoted the “comments” section in the posts yet, but you’re free to share your comments and include a link back to your own site if you have one.
  2. Use myEMPTY to tell me what you think so far. Please!
  3. Join my Newsletter Updates or add me to your RSS Feed reader.
  4. Tell your friends, or tell the world by sharing and liking posts.

I appreciate the time you spend here.

Don’t forget to do something big or small to help someone else succeed…TODAY!


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