Image: Smile

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. – Mother Teresa What if your employer rated your smile daily? How would you perform? Companies in Japan are doing just that. In a country where the customer reigns supreme, companies are continually seeking ways to gain a customer service edge. Smile […]

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Image: Kids Smiling

Would you smile for 2,000 bars of chocolate? How about $25,000? According to Ron Gutman, British researchers found that one smile can generate the same amount of brain stimulation as each of these. How many times a day do you smile? 10? 20? Researchers have discovered that children smile as much as 400 times per […]

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Image: Smiling Face

Need a facelift? What if I told you how to get one in four seconds? For free? For centuries, science has sought ways to improve a person’s appearance. Today you can get facelifts of all kinds. From Liquid to Jawline, Mini to Microcurrent, and Thread to Thermage, not to mention creams of all kinds. But […]

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