Always Forgive

Below you’ll discover posts about why and how to always forgive.

Image: Father swinging daughter

Have you ever said or done something you regret? Then you find yourself thinking about it over and over. You want to move on but something keeps pulling you back to that moment and each time you feel miserable, like it just happened. When my wife and I first married, we lived in a remote […]

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Image: Popcorn and Movie Reels

I like Tuesdays. I’ve never disliked Tuesdays but I like them more now. You see, Tuesdays are $5 movie days at our local theater. And since my daughter is gainfully employed she likes to take her dad on a date. Even better, my daughter loves action movies. For years, I’ve submitted to a parade of […]


Image: Dirty Shoes

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day in Cincinnati. But my dogs don’t care. They still want to be walked or run. So I gave in. I don’t know if I walk my dogs or they walk me, but we both benefit. After our walk, they often like to be tethered in the front yard […]

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by Robert Rizzo | Twitter, Facebook,

Post image for How an iPod Taught Me to Forgive

Has someone ever done something to you that really upset you? Maybe they didn’t even know it and you’ve been letting the offense simmer. Just when you think it is gone, something happens and then BAM! it all comes flooding back. The emotion, the pain, the injustice of it all! “Why did they say that […]

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Yesterday I had an amazing mediocrity-free moment. As I raced back to my desk to finish off a couple of to-dos before heading to my daughter Moriah’s 6th grade choir concert, a colleague caught me. He apologized for some strong remarks he had made to me at a meeting a couple of weeks ago. I […]

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