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2 Samuel 17:1-2:

Now Ahithophel urged Absalom, “Let me choose 12,000 men to start out after David tonight. 2 I will catch up with him while he is weary and discouraged.

One of the times that we are most vulnerable is when we are tired. We lose our focus. Our mind starts to wander.

We join this biblical account as King David is on the run from his son Absalom who has a grudge against his him and has decided that he will get back at David by stealing the kingdom rule. David is very likely feeling that he is getting what he deserves for killing Uriah to try and cover up the adulterous affair he had with his wife. He is probably feeling tired, discouraged, and unworthy of God’s protection and blessing.

But even when we give up on God, he does not give up on us. When we are exhausted and we feel like everything and everyone is working against us, God is still working for us.

When we are weak, He is strong.

David’s enemy Ahithophel had counseled the king’s son to attack which was actually good advice. But the Bible says that God had a more sovereign plan. His plan was to punish David, not kill him. So he stretched out his mighty hand to Ahithophel and said, ” Talk to this.”

v 14b -For the Lord had determined to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel, which really was the better plan, so that he could bring disaster on Absalom!

When we are tired and feel like we can’t do anymore, God is still working in ways that we can not see. Even when we are running from our battle, God is still running to our battle. Because if we trust Him, he will fight our battles for us. God has a plan and a purpose for all of us.

So don’t stop believing in your dream.

If you lose your dream, you can lose your hope.
And if you lose your hope, you will lose your faith.

Never stop dreaming.

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