Image: Driftwood

What are you clinging to that’s preventing you from reaching your next destination? Last night I was winding down after serving at the Healing Center. I like TV shows about real events, especially history and biography shows. Recently I started watching I Shouldn’t be Alive. Survival shows are interesting because they reveal how people react […]

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Woman on Computer

Yesterday something strange and awesome happened. As I put the final touches on my blog post, I had an idea for a quote I wanted to add at the end. Typically, I have multiple browser tabs open. So when I search,  I just click on an open tab and type my query in the Google […]

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Bullet casting shadow

“Robert, the bad news is you have a pretty severe case of diabetes. The good news is you’re young and healthy so I think we can treat this.” I had no idea seven years ago how those two sentences would impact every area of my life. What, when and how I eat. My exercise My […]

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