Who Do You Work For?

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Occasionally, I hear people in meetings making decisions based on a desire to please their employer,  supervisor , CEO, pastor, etc.

On the surface, this sounds like a good thing. But it bothers me for two reasons.

The Problems

1) Often the decision is made in disdain and disrespect, because the perception is that leadership is somehow ill-equipped, uninformed, or insensitive.
2) While we should make every effort to understand the expectations of our leaders and serve them, fulfilling the expectations of our leaders should not be an end in itself.

A Better Option

If we show up every day with a genuine desire to contribute to the best of our ability and make decisions that will help our organization grow and flourish, then our leadership will benefit from that commitment. Not only that, we will feel better about ourselves. Ownership is empowering.

What Motivates You?

The difference is motivation. People who make decisions out of a desire to meet perceived expectation just want to “fly under the radar”, not “rock the boat”, and avoid risk. They are deferring responsibility.

But people who show up with a genuine desire to contribute are going to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done because they believe in their decision. They are taking responsibility.

IF we take responsibility for our actions every day,  we will be better for it and so will our friends, families and employers.

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