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Life can throw situations at us that do not always seem fair. Maybe you did not get the promotion that you wanted, maybe you lost a loved one, maybe your dream seems to be on hold. In the Bible there is a story about two men, Paul and Silas who were pursuing their dream to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with non-Jewish people.

As they traveled, a young slave girl possessed by a demon taunted them. She was a fortune-teller who earned a lot of money for her masters. In exasperation, Paul cast the demon out of the girl. The girl’s owners got mad and stirred up a crowd because now their “business” was ruined.

Paul and Silas ended up beaten and jailed.

Sounds like a pretty bad day at the office. How many of us have days at the office where we feel beaten and jailed because things just aren’t working out the way that we had planned? Well, there are three ways to approach any difficulty in life.

1) Rebel and complain

2) Resolution – what will be will be

3) Rejoice – rise up in confidence knowing that this situation is temporary and every day brings new opportunities

Later that night as Paul and Silas sat in jail, they decided to do something revolutionary. As they sat their beaten and broken, batter and bruised, they began to sing and praise God for the good things He had done. Suddenly an angel showed up and their chains were broken. And not only their chains but the chains of all the prisoners.

While there are many lessons we can glean from this story, I want to focus on two:

1) If you choose to stay positive in a difficult situation your faith will elevate your spirit and release your deliverance

2) When you are positive in a difficult situation, others will see and hear and be released from attitudes and ideas that holding them down

So regardless, of your situation today, you can rejoice. Never lose sight of your dream. Because if you lose your dream, you lose your hope and if you lose your hope, you lose your faith.

Hold on to your dreams.

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