How to Prevent Acne and Promote Healthy Living

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Do you know someone who’s resistant to change? Are you one of those people?

My personality type likes to plan and that can make it difficult to enjoy change. But for the last 20 years I have experienced more than my fair share of change, including several re-locations, innumerable re-orgs, a long list of job titles and countless supervisors. Some people might find that frustrating or discouraging. But it’s taught me to not only accept change but enjoy it.

Change is healthy. It makes us evaluate what’s really important. It helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses. It teaches us self-confidence and faith.

I’ve worked with lots of people who don’t like change.  They even fear it.

They come to work every day and do the same thing they’ve done for 20, 30, 40 years or more. I’m not saying loyalty to a company is a bad thing but it may not be healthy for the employee or employer.

Skin Sense

The other day I read where scientists estimate the skin on an average person would measure 18 square feet if laid flat. This same skin weighs around 18 pounds and is comprised of 1.6 trillion skin cells.

Now for the gross part.

Between 30,000 and 40,000 of those cells fall of every hour! That means the average person loses almost 1 million skin cells every day! You only need to have one cast removed to have this lesson etched in your memory. What’s left beneath the cast is layers of dry, flaky skin.

I think we all know we couldn’t survive long without skin. It protects us from sun, wind, rain, and infection. It also serves as a filter and allows in things we need like oxygen. To keep the filter clean, the body sheds layers. Old skin falls off to make room for healthy new skin that is rising from below.

Modern medicine and health practices have taught us we can promote better skin health by washing daily. This removes the build up of oils that would clog the pores and promote infection.

But what if we refused to clean our skin?

The skin, oils and sweat would build up and create an environment for all type of infection. Acne is mild form of this infection but if allowed to reach more serious stages it could result in worse infections and possibly even death.

Change is also a form of cleansing. Sometimes we hold onto something too long and we create an environment for social, moral, and physical infection.

Maybe its a job. Maybe a relationship. Maybe a habit. We know we need to change but we’re afraid or complacent.

Dog bath dilemma

I have two large pit bulls. They can’t bathe themselves so my wife and I have to help them. Getting them into the shower is a wrestling match.

But once the shower is over they’re so happy. They run around the house rolling and playing. And they get much more attention because they feel soft and smell appealing. The product is much better than the process.

If only they remembered before the shower how good they would feel after the shower, they would probably be less resistant. But they must have pretty short memories.

I think many of us could learn from my dogs. If we would accept change, or even be proactive about change, we might discover new inner strength, skills, talents and faith.

Are you avoiding change? What can you change today for the better? Why not give the gift of change to someone today? You’ll be glad you did and so will they.

And don’t forget, help someone else succeed–Today!




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