Three Words Everyone Should Hear at Halftime

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I’m not a big fan of professional sports. I watch them. But not consistently. Years ago I became disillusioned by what I perceived to be excessive compensation, egocentricity and poor morals. Seemed like a waste of time, talent and money so I checked out.

But during the NFL playoffs, I occasionally watch a game or two.

Sunday, I happened to have the time, and the inclination, so I settled in to watch the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots face off.

I’m not a regular fan of either of the teams so I rooted for the Ravens since they were the underdog and I like underdogs.


At halftime, it looked like the game would go to the highly favored New England Patriots. They were ahead 13-7, even though the Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady poorly managed the play clock on a last minute drive in the second quarter and had to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown. He just ran out of time.

As the teams headed to their respective locker rooms, a reporter hastily interviewed the Raven’s Head Coach John Harbaugh and asked him what we would say to his trailing team. His reply, “Win the game.”

When the teams returned to the field in the third quarter it was as if they had traded jerseys. In a stunning reversal, the Raven’s offense was unstoppable, scoring three touchdowns. And their defense was impenetrable, including two interceptions.

Dreams lost and found

In the closing minutes of the game, many of the Patriot players looked stunned as they awoke to the realization that their Super Bowl dream was over.

On the other hand, the Raven’s were justifiably jubilant. The odds were against them. But they kept on fighting and they won the game.

I have no idea how much money was wagered on Sunday’s game but I’m sure there are a lot of unhappy people this week. The Raven’s lost 4 of their last five games in the regular season. They were the definitive underdog in this match-up.

Who would’ve thought they would make such a strong comeback? But they didn’t quit and they won the most important game of the season leading to the Super Bowl.

Are you heading to the locker room?

I think many of us are heading to the locker room for a halftime in our life.

Things look bad. We haven’t made much progress recently. Our defenses are weak. We can’t seem to score.

What should we do? There’s a whole other half to be played.

Win the game.

What if the Raven’s coach had thrown in the towel at halftime? What if he called up to the box and said the team was too tired? But he didn’t. Instead, he told his team something simple.

Win the game.

So that’s what I am saying to you. Things may look bad. Maybe you’re having some difficulties. You feel like the underdog. It’s only halftime.

Win the game.

Your 50 years old and you just got laid off. There’s still another half.

Win the game.

You’ve been sick a long time.

Win the game.

Your marriage is struggling.

Win the game.

We all face halftimes in our life. Sometimes we go to theĀ  locker room feeling on top, others we feel defeated. Regardless, we have to come back ready to win the game.

And if you’re already winning your game, help someone else win theirs.

Never give up.Win the game.





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