Be Balanced

Below you will find posts about why and how to live a balanced life.

Image: Driftwood

What are you clinging to that’s preventing you from reaching your next destination? Last night I was winding down after serving at the Healing Center. I like TV shows about real events, especially history and biography shows. Recently I started watching I Shouldn’t be Alive. Survival shows are interesting because they reveal how people react Continue Reading →

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Image: Huge wave approaching beach

Last week’s earthquake in Japan was a sobering reminder for many Japanese they must always be prepared for a visitation from the sea.  But thanks to a sophisticated early warning system and painful memories of the tragic March 11, 2011 quake, residents knew what to do this time– stop everything and get to higher ground. Continue Reading →

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Image: Workout Weights and Shoes

Looking for something to give this holiday season? Why not give the gift of change? The ability to adapt and change is essential to life success and it’s a valuable, yet inexpensive, gift you can give your family and friends. If you’re like me you probably have a few habits, some good, some not so Continue Reading →

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Woman getting facial

Do you know someone who’s resistant to change? Are you one of those people? My personality type likes to plan and that can make it difficult to enjoy change. But for the last 20 years I have experienced more than my fair share of change, including several re-locations, innumerable re-orgs, a long list of job Continue Reading →

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Stress Out Man

Do you ever feel stressed? That’s probably a stupid question. I think we all feel stressed at times.  Research indicates that the top causes of stress in 2012 are work, money and the economy.  Go figure. Psychologists suggest that one way to reduce stress is to simplify your life. But how? I like the way Continue Reading →

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Woman on Computer

Yesterday something strange and awesome happened. As I put the final touches on my blog post, I had an idea for a quote I wanted to add at the end. Typically, I have multiple browser tabs open. So when I search,  I just click on an open tab and type my query in the Google Continue Reading →

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