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Yesterday I arrived at work in the morning. I ride my bicycle to work as often as possible for the obvious health benefits and to be frugal. As I was removing the panniers and fumbling with the lock, a woman walked by and said, ” You depress me.” I know she meant it sarcastically, but there was also a hint of sincerity in her comment. Her point was that she felt she was somehow less committed to her personal health than I am.

But the bottom line is this. Life is a choice. Every day we make choices. Choose to be happy or choose to be sad. Choose to eat healthy or choose to put everything we see in our body. Choose to be self-centered or choose to do something for someone else.

Today’s choices influence how we will live tomorrow.  I made a choice to get some exercise on the way to work and save money on gas. And every time I get on my bike in sub-freezing temperatures, I am reminded that making a quality decision is not always easy. So what is your struggle today. What is the choice that produces greater value that makes you uncomfortable some times? Today is a new day, you decide.

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