Why You Should Give Thanks

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Today is Thanksgiving,  a day we traditionally take a moment to reflect on what is good and wholesome in our lives. But the cooking, cleaning, celebrating, shopping, parading and everything else can cloud or obscure the true meaning of this holiday.

The Thanksgiving most Americans celebrate has its origins in a feast celebrated by the pilgrims and the Wampanoag indians near Plymouth in 1621. They were celebrating a bountiful harvest.

I think each of us has a  bountiful harvest of some kind to celebrate.

But thankfulness is a decision. No one can force you to be thankful.

I’ve always tried to be thankful. It isn’t easy. At times, I have to fight off my personal demons like everyone else. But I know that on the other side of the fight is a better, stronger me.

Thankfulness is liberating. It reminds us to focus on the positive and not the negative things in our life. There is strength in thanks. A life focused on what’s wrong in our life will spiral into oppression, depression and fear.

When we stop being thankful, we surrender. Soldiers who surrender end up in a prison camp. So today I choose to fight for my thankfulness and the thankfulness of others. You should too.

And don’t just be thankful. Give thanks.

Giving thanks requires us to let that sentiment or feeling that we have inside, leave our person and touch someone else whether that person is God or our neighbor. Our thanks becomes a gift to be shared.

  • Tell the clerk at the gas station you appreciate them today.
  • Tell your child there is nothing they can do to make you love them more…OR LESS!
  • Tell your parents you love them.
  • Tell your spouse you can’t imagine a world without them.
  • Remember your faith today.

Today, I have much to be thankful for, including:

  • My faith in God
  • My wife
  • My children
  • Safety
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Church
  • Friends
  • Health

What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? How can you give thanks today?
Happy Thanksgiving!

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