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[Note: This post is part of a series that I will refer to as MFL Success Stories. They are added to provide inspiration for giving and help define what Mediocrity-Free Living looks like in practice. They are NOT intended to make me look like a great giver. I’m just like you, sometimes I give and some times I don’t.
As I receive your submissions, these will focus on stories submitted by the MFL Community.]

Do you have spare change in your pocket, wallet, console or desk? Most of us do.

Instead of collecting my change in a jar,  I like to look for fun places to leave a little.

There was a time when you could leave a quarter at a pay phone to brighten someone’s day but those days are gone. 🙂

But you just need to be a little creative.

One of my favorite opportunities is at a local grocery store where I frequently shop.

The store requires a quarter deposit for each grocery cart. It’s really a brilliant idea.

There are never any grocery carts left in the parking lot because everyone wants their quarter back.

Great way to motivate a little civic responsibility.

But not everyone has a quarter for the deposit and even those that do surely enjoy a little windfall.

So I like to return my cart with the quarter still in it.

Then the next person can remove it without using their quarter.

It’s a little thing but little things can have big impacts.

Who knows if the next person might have forgotten their quarter. Regardless, a small win can make all the difference in a person’s day.

Think about the joy you get from finding a little change in a vending machine or in the parking lot.

Want to go big? Try leaving some change in the cart rack at the airport.

What other ways can you think of to drop a little spare change and help someone else succeed today?


Do you have a story about something big or small you did to help someone else succeed?
Share it here and I may include it in an upcoming MFL Success Story.
Or if you prefer just drop it in the comments below.
I just love to hear from you.

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